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A bit about Judy....

A California native, Judy Neunuebel has lived in Santa Barbara for over 50 years since she graduated

from Westmont College.  She has continued her art education in a series of workshops and adult education courses in a variety of media.    

Weathered text, twine, old books, cardboard, photographs, handwritten notes, keys, along with a myriad

of other ephemera inspire Judy to create collages that are mysterious and somehow familiar at the same

time.  She also tears up watercolors that she has painted, adding a painterly feel to many of her works. 

Through her work our memories are connected to another person’s experiences through items not intended for longevity. Judy takes these items, and with a keen sense of balance arranges them into thought provoking compositions.    Her love of type and the printed word strongly influences her paintings and collages.     

Judy works in collage and water media. She has exhibited her work in  Santa Fe, New Mexico, Santa Barbara, and other  California venues.  She worked as a typesetter  and graphic designer for several years .

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